Sunday, October 3, 2010

State Of The Music Address

So, with the new release of my favorite band (Pepper) EP, it has dawned on me.  It is a five track album that I have listened to probably 75+ times in the past week.  Now, they ARE a great band, but this shouldn't be.  I shouldn't be SO excited for FIVE fucking songs.  The reason I am, of course, is because there is NOTHING good on the radio.  I LOVE listening to satellite, but I got a sweeeeet DUI (while neither drinking or driving, welcome to Jersey!) so I'm without my satellite unit.  The radio is unbearable, the only good thing to happen to music in the past year is Lil Wayne going to jail so something else might make it to the airwaves once in awhile.  This is what number one songs sound like nowadays. Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga.  Now okay, I can see how Lady Gaga is acceptable, only because this is a style of music that has been outrageously popular for years now.  Over the top fashion meets catchy dance/club anthems.  She's just a K-Mart brand Madonna, that's all.  Madonna doesn't even get a red line under it in Microsoft word.  The bitch is a fucking WORD.  So that's credible, but when did a mumbling black midget blasted on coke, dust, and cough syrup become the voice of a generation?

Yeah, I said it Kanye, don't give me that ain't the voice of, shit, you're a gay fish.

But, I digress...

The one that fucking bothers me the most is Eminem.  Seriously, Marshall Mathers LP, Slim Shady, and Eminem Show were fucking awesome.  Every track, raw, honest, sometimes touching shit.  Angry, real, fierce, and just over the top but just so meaningful.  It was innovative and creative, and made people who didn't like rap start following something new.  You can't say enough about what he did for the industry, but yet people still hated on him then.

MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD COUSIN LISTENS TO EMINEM NOW.....are you fucking kidding me?

Everyone rants and raves about how good the new shit is, about his BIG RETURN.  Yeah...OKAY.  That's the problem, EVERYONE isn't supposed to appreciate it, that's not his thing.  He went from singing about loading his baby girl in the car and dumping mommy's dead cut up body in the lake, to singing about celebrities.  He's like the Family Guy of rap, trying too hard to be relevant by arbitrarily attacking anybody who is popular, without trying to actually work it into the show/song, just poppin it in there.  They say his new stuff is singing from the heart and how emotional it is, and how everything he says is from experiences and it's so meaningful.

Fuck that.

I understand it's impossible to be truly angry at the world once you've won a custody battle, divorce is done with, and you are one of the richest musicians EVER and everyone likes you no matter what BULLSHIT you put out.  It's hard to have rage in you once you have the world at your fingertips.  Your lyrics don't HAVE to be great if you can have whatever producer you want producing your raps, and have any rapper you want alongside of you.

Dude, you're doing cameos with Rhianna.  Congrats, you just gave her another single to her greatest hits (although we all know what the greatest Rhianna hit was, and it was the one inside a Lamborghini) You know, at first I thought Chris Brown was a scumbag, but than the Umbrella song came out, and I think she may of gotten off easy.

Give it up people, broaden your fucking horizons. Turn the FM dial off, spend a few bucks and buy radio that plays something different.  Or use Pandora, what the fuck ever.  There's a lot of great shit out there that just flies under the radar and deserves to be heard.

Thoughts On Rutgers Student Tyler Clementi

So listen, I've always has the reputation of a heartless lunatic that will take cheap shots at everything from peoples physical appearance, the elderly, children,  natural disasters, teen pregnancy, etc, I just don't give a fuck, but if you REALLY know me you know I'm not SO bad, and in general I'm not as heartless as I may come off.  This being said, alot is to be said about the Rutgers student Tyler Clementi and the controversy (or lack thereof) with his case.  How come there is no other side to this story? Because Ravi (his roommate that taped him) called him a fag on twitter? Okay, that, I don't like or appreciate. Even though there are ignorant people out there who have tagged me as a racist at times (one in particular who i could write a fucking novel on) but I do not call gay people fags, black people niggers, so on, so forth.  I call my friends fags and inanimate objects various racial slurs, but not people, so in this instance, this dude Ravi is a piece of shit, cause that shit is fucking hurtful.  But jailable? Hardly.  You can't blame what he did on this kid's suicide.  Suicide, in general is for weak people that can't just grow up and handle their problems.  Imagine you're a woman and you want nothing but to have a baby and you get raped one day and he fucks you up so bad that you can't have a kid.  Or you have a six figure job a family and a house and you inexplicably get laid off.  Imagine a drunk driver hit your young son or daughter.  Imagine your father went to another country to fight in a war and never came back.  People go through shit like this EVERY FUCKING DAY.  Gut wrenching shit they don't deserve, and suck it the fuck up and learn to live day by day, and more often than not become stronger as a result of the tragedy they've had to endure.  Getting taped having sex?  Seriously, I wish someone could snap this kid out of the dead so he could face his family that he's now broken their hearts, and face other people who live with tragedies of a far more heinous nature, and explain why HIM BEING TAPED HAVING SEX IS WORSE THAN AN INNOCENT WOMAN BEING RAPED OR A 12 YEAR OLD BOY LOSING HIS FATHER IN IRAQ.  

I could see maybe if he was straight, and got really blasted drunk and someone taped him with a camera phone at a bar making out with a dude how that could be fucking embarassing as shit. Listen, I understand I'm a LOT more open and free with my body and myself, as well as my short comings than most.  Shit, I'd say out of the 424 friends on my facebook list, at LEAST 150 have seen at least my balls ass or penis.  It's just the way I am, and that's me.  If someone taped me having consensual sex with a woman, fuck I'd be the first to tag myself.  If it was a fat chick I might punch my room mate a couple times, but nothing a six pack and a few shots wouldn't fix.  It's fucking life.  If I were a gay man, and I got caught having CONSENSUAL sex (yes, that actually happens in college, folks) with a man, the same would apply.  I'm proud of who I am, and whether you're gay straight or bi, having someone tape you having sex is NOT suicide worthy.  It just doesn't make ANY sense.

Here's the real deal.  This kid Ravi is a piece of shit for being a gay basher.  I have several gay friends.  Fuck. I work at gym, I used to work 70 hours a week between two gyms.  Do you really think I don't encounter gay people on a regular basis?  I have hour long conversations with them.  I work out with them.  Have lunch or drinks with them.  I've gone to gay bars before.  I FULLY support gay marriage.  Discriminating against a person for being gay is just tasteless, rude, ignorant, and in general- shitty behavior.  This being said, how the fuck is this an invasion of privacy?!  Tyler ASKED for the room until midnight.  So let me get this straight, taking footage of the INSIDE OF YOUR OWN DORM THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY ROOM AND BOARD ON............IS INVASION OF PRIVACY?!!?! You must be out of your m o t h e r f u c k i n g  mind with that bullshit.  I'm pretty sure if the kid Ravi didn't openly hate gays even a fucking public defender could get him out of that shit.  It's his own room.  He pays to live there.  He can tape whatever the fuck he wants, and if there just so happens to be two dudes banging in there, oh well.  It's not like they went to his own personal dorm, grappled in through the ceiling and planted a hidden camera in his rubber fist or his sex and the city box set, they fucking had a web camera pointed at them.  Not exactly covert spec op stuff here, people.  The legality of the case is definitely being skewed because of the kid's open hatred of gays.

Gay people deserve the same rights we all have.  But of course now this annoying cunt Ellen has to speak up about how bullying is a crisis. No bitch, it's fucking life.  I wasn't a ladies man, or a looker, or rich, or an honor student in high school.  I got my ass kicked a few times, I was made fun of for not having eyebrows, not having a girlfriend until I was like a junior, having red hair, the sports teams I like, whatever.  I would have my friends over and my mom would walk around in a nightie, that was fucking embarrassing.  Or how about in sixth grade where I walked across the lunch room with colored pencils in my ass(through the jeans!) favorite wrestler was gold dust, so people called me gaydust for about 3 years.  I have strawberry blonde hair, so I got called red or ginger for awhile.  I've seen the inside of a locker, but by the time I graduated I was very popular and well-liked.  I never once contemplated or threatened to kill myself.  It is the most selfish, ignorant, self-absorbed, absurd, drastic action anyone can commit.  It does nothing but destroy the lives of your friends and family, and you don't have to see their faces or deal with the consequences that come afterward.  If the kid would of not been such a bitch about it, he could of spoke to Ravi like a man, he could of resolved it like gentlemen.  If not, than he could of moved out of the dorm.  Or he could of went to the dean.  Or his RA.  Or spoken to one of the 5,000 support groups at RU, but no- he decided to jump off a fucking bridge, and for that- he gets no sympathy from me.  To be discriminated for who you are is a shame and uncalled for, but to take a life that offered so much potential is no different than killing someone else.  It's still taking an innocent life that had unlimited potential to be great.  If people want to hate you for who you are, let them be them.  Racism, sexism, all of this is NEVER going to disappear. There's nothing anyone can do about it, but to take your own life over it, is as they say, letting the enemy win.  It's counter-productive, hurtful, and people need to see the other side of stories before they immediately jump to the defense of the bullied.